I am able to work at a job I love and be home to watch my newborn son grow!

What did you ask for? : An opportunity work and be with my newborn son so I can see him grow!

What did you receive?: An unexpected opportunity to work from home and make the money needed to support my new family.

How did you feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?: I never considered having a job that allowed me to work from home because I didn't think that I could make enough to take care of him. I started to really focus on the benefits - all the awesome things I'd have and the experiences that come with that type of work situation. I saw it was totally possible and chose to quit my job before I knew I had something. I know. And...My belief in my abilities and what it meant for my child allowed me to find a perfect opportunity.

Nicole CasanovaComment