I asked for the rate that I knew I deserved.

What did you ask for?: During a business negotiation, I asked for the rate that I knew I deserved. I ended up closing that rate with my client. When my internal company saw what I was actually going to make they tried to take more of my commission for the house. I stood my ground and said I negotiated this from the beginning and I deserve it.

What did you receive? : After standing my ground, knowing my worth, and having the contracts to back it up- I ended up getting what I originally negotiated. In years past I may have allowed myself to be bullied out of what I deserve. Not anymore; for I know my worth, and I came out on top.

How did you feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up? : At first, I was resentful that I even had to stand my ground and lay out the facts with my internal team. Yet, I ultimately won by staying professional; laying out the details, showing the contracts, and knowing my worth. As a result, I will have my best year yet and my client is also super happy.

Nicole CasanovaComment