I asked for acceptance to the program.

What did you ask for?: To be accepted to an accelerator: in the first round interview I got amazing feedback and words of encouragement that we are indeed almost entirely sure to get in. Surprisingly enough, after the second round, we got the basic Sorry... email. This is when I asked for a follow-up call and on the call, I asked for acceptance to the program.

What did you receive? : I got two things: first, a detailed (and reasonable) response on why we were not accepted, then we came to terms with each other and we were accepted and got to participate in the program.

How did you feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up? : It felt awesome! I hoped for it, but I felt it was a bold move which could have ended very badly (me being labeled as pushy or similar) but I thought it's worth the risk, worst case scenario is that they won't change their minds and I never see them again. Obviously after building this up in my head, I felt like a winner at the end. Actually, I felt like a winner a little bit even when I asked, before I got what I asked for ;)

Nicole CasanovaComment