A place to live that would support my needs.

What did you ask for? : A place to live that would support my needs. The right home that was in my price range and my ideal location.

What did you receive? : A perfect home in the country, affordable, surrounded by walking trails and near friends.

How did you feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?: Grateful. I wrote down my question (where will I live?) and then was walked through a guided meditation. Afterwards, I wrote down the images and words that came up during the meditation. 3 Days later I spontaneously called someone I had only met once several months before and asked if she knew of a place near her. She said she has a place that just came up in the last couple of days - when I arrived it exactly matched my images and words written down from my guided meditation. It was home.

Nicole CasanovaComment