Our goal is to get thousands of women to share their experiences on February 20th, 2018 

On February 20th, we'll be doing a big social media push using a really cool marketing technology - a Thunderclap campaign. It's simple. When you go to the page below and sign up, we will automatically post to your social media accounts. This means you don't have to remember to post to your twitter and facebook on that day. It will do it for you.

By joining forces with other women and organizations who will also post on February 20th, we have the ability to cross market, and leverage our combined reach. We can engage all of our communities and networks at once to make a bigger impact.

Again, it's super simple.  

So, click here to our Thunderclap page and sign up!

Together we really do rise. Sign up, share with your networks and let's make some noise and encourage our sisters to rise together.

Thank you!