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There are a few steps to getting what you want. And... it really has to do with how you feel. It's not the strategy and the figuring out. It's the emotion behind having that thing you want that quickens its delivery to you.

Feeling literally changes DNA so how can we experience having that thing before we've got it?

Well, there's this pretty amazing tool. It's called The Law of Attraction. It says that which likened to itself is drawn. Basically, our thoughts create our reality. It says that everything is two things, the wanting of it and the lack of it. Think of it as two ends of a stick. Which direction are you facing?  What are you thinking about? The thing you want or the thing you don't? Either way, you'll get it. 

The Law of Attraction – ASK. BELIEVE. RECEIVE.

Here are the three main steps to put this universal law to work for you.


This step is about launching your desire and clearly asking for it to come your way. It may be moving in the direction of what feels good and what sounds like fun. Getting clear on what we want and don't want is often helped by sorting through the things we're not interested in. When difficulty, frustration, anger… all the not good feeling things show up it gives us the ability to see the contrast so we can understand what we really want.

Women have been conditioned to not only not express our wants, we've often been made to feel shameful about having those wants. How many  women want the relationship but don't want to appear needy so they play it off like it's no big deal? How many women want a better situation, perhaps a new position or an investor for their idea, yet they think they need to do and be more before they can make a request?

It is absolutely OK to want because it's natural. Like breathing, it's always going on in the background. Whether we like it or not, we're always asking and we're always getting exactly what we ask for.  We just need to get visibility and gain control of our thoughts so that what we're asking for really is what feels good.



This step requires that we trust and believe wholeheartedly that what we've have asked for is on its way.

Stop paying attention to reality. Seriously.

It may seem counterintuitive to trust an experience you've yet to see proof of. However, the truth is that what you are experiencing now is, in many ways, past tense. It's the culmination of what you've felt up to this moment. There's actually a delay in what you want so the things that are showing up now are a reflection of your past beliefs. Right now is your pivotal point of power. What you want is already there. It's waiting for you to claim it.

One trick is to see what you've asked for as already having come to pass. Get aligned with your good feelings. Line up your vibration so that it feels like what having that thing feels like. How did it feel when you experienced something similar? Can you step into that scenario, play it out according to your vision and fully feel all the details surrounding the ownership of that experience?

Like the athlete who sees the shot before she takes it, you too can win at having what you desire. That athlete plays out the entire situation. She sees and, most importantly, feels that completed shot. She's in the moment, noticing what she sees, feels, hears, smells. By giving the experience as much detail as possible and by feeling the excitement, the satisfaction, the comfort, the exuberance, and the gratitude that came with her successful move, she's condensed time. She's already won.

When we believe a negative thing to be true, the same thing happens. When we fear something and constantly worry about it coming to pass, the universe will in the same way it does with your positive wants, respond by drawing the people, things and circumstances in your life to allow your negative belief to occur. It is a universal law that does not differentiate positive from negative thoughts and beliefs.

The science shows that our feelings (our emotions produce vibration) change DNA. Our feelings literally change the structure of our cells because at the end of the day, we’re all made up of energy. Think about it. What does the light, fun vibration of joy, gratitude, exuberance and love feel like in comparison to the heavy vibration of grief, regret, anger, and worry? Because we continue to get more of where our attention resides, it's critical to get a hold of any sloppy thinking. It's how we're vibrating that counts. Are we vibrating on the what feels really good side or the what feels bad side? 



The third step is to receive.

How many of us are good at receiving compliments? How many of us are good at receiving support?  I mean really receiving them. That means not just saying thank you and then moving on to the next thing or feeling guilt that someone is helping you.

We may be really good at asking. Many of us are. We might have an innate knowing that yes, that thing is more than a possibility. It's a reality waiting to take form. Yet, when it comes to receiving, many of us don't realize that we're slowing down or stopping our manifestation in its tracks. Because that thing you desire is awaiting your request, allowing it to come is the key to completing this three part process.

Your ability to receive is in direct proportion to your willingness to allow that thing to arrive.

Many of us unconsciously resist having what we want. We add "yeah but" to our requests. We waste time getting strategic and thinking through all the worst case scenarios. We block our experience by being confused or frustrated when it doesn't arrive on time. It's when we step back and allow the universe to show up for us, that big things happen. When you enter a dark room and flip the switch, you're not pushing the darkness out, you're allowing the light to fill the room.

It's the same thing with the Law of Attraction. The universe is conspiring for your greatness. It's pulling the right people and resources together. It's delivering clues on the path to your having and it's directing it's energy towards you. The question is, are you lining up with that vibration? Are you in a place where you feel receptive?

That brings us back to energy again. You are energy and being in a positive vibration expedites your requests. One quick way to get there is to go to gratitude. It's the fastest way to raise your vibration because it is impossible to be upset when we are giving thanks. Gratitude grounds, resets, and expands us because it requires that we relive that moment. It takes us back to feeling good and that makes it a whole lot easier to be open and ready to receive.

So, step out of your own way and start noticing all the places where things are going well.


Ask - Get clear on your desire and make that request

Believe - Your ask is the probable next step. Know wholeheartedly that it's already here

Receive - Get yourself into a place, a good feeling vibration, where you allow things to naturally come your way.

Rinse. Repeat.

You got this…