As we come into more positions of power, let's create what we want from a place of power. Let us ask for everything and exactly what we want. Let us know that it indeed is on its way. Let us know we need only step aside and allow it to arrive.

There's a lot of money and power in our hands. As it is, women will make $18 Trillion (yes trillion) dollars worth of buying decisions this year alone. We are gathering, sharing our collective voices and ideas, and taking on more responsibility as we assume roles which were once unthinkable. Gender parity is absolutely within reach.

Given all this new outward power (we always had it in us), we wanted to create a place where we could grow stronger together. By creating a site that aggregates our wins and makes them searchable, women wanting to put their visions into form may find someone who's already succeeded at something similar. And, seeing models of what can be truly makes those once considered long shots accessible.

It's amazing how many people go on to break world records as soon as someone else does because they now see what's possible.

After supporting early stage women-led tech companies raise over $50M dollars and seeing so many of them give up way more equity than needed because they were siloed, we wanted to put more information in our hands so we could make better choices. 

When we share our experiences, our wins and the tools (really the feelings) that got us there, we now place the bar within reach for another woman.

It's time we gain control of the thing only we have access to - our minds, our wants and our feelings.

We can have what we want when we start applying the tricks that manifest them. Fortunately, there's a very clear path to having what you want.

Ask + Believe + Receive

We're excited to see your dreams unfold and see your spirit soar by witnessing the power that you hold.

With absolute gratitude for your journeys and the path you pave for others,

The Shift The Game team