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What did you ask for? : A company to commit to long-term.

What did you receive?: An unexpected opportunity to represent my husband's company. He and what he provides are the best product or service I've ever sold. It made perfect sense and was super high leverage because we're working on the same team and my success benefits us.

How did it feel prior to having it?: I knew that something would show up where I felt committed, engaged, and excited because I had a new willingness to be responsible and open myself up to doing something totally different.

Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?: My open-mindedness and willingness to consider a range of opportunities in different industries and in different roles allowed a totally unexpected conversation to show up. For the first time, I didn't think of why it wouldn't work. Instead, I focused on what it would feel like if it went well and the more I could see what that looked like, the more I leaned back and could confidently see all the benefits that could come from this new partnership.

How did you feel once you received it? : Like I fell back into the most comfortable bed ever. I could see myself in this new identity, showing up on site, owning my ability to make magic happen. I felt relief and exuberant anticipation because I knew that the path was totally aligned. I felt certainty. I felt sure.