I work remotely from Canada.

What did you ask for? : To have the capacity to travel and explore living in another country while working for my current employer. 

What did you receive?: I work remotely from Canada and am loving the scenery, the people and my freedom.

How did it feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?: I have always wanted to travel and see new places and thought the only jobs that let you do that were flight attendant and overworked consultant. One day it crossed my mind that our business partner really could benefit from having someone on the ground there in Canada. I could see all of it clearly. Where I'd work - what I was doing - where I was eating - What I was wearing - all of it. The thought kept crystalizing. I mentioned it to our partner in passing and they loved it. They actually asked my employer if it was a possibility. I asked to work remotely and my wish was granted. 

Nicole CasanovaComment