My business idol is my mentor.

What did you ask for?: To get advice from the CEO of a major brand for my fashion startup. 

What did you receive?: A mentor who has helped me understand the pluses and pitfalls of the industry and where I can get the most impact with the least amount of resources. A friend and confident who wants to see me succeed.

How did it feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?: I believed that there were quicker ways to get momentum and that if I could leverage someone else's learning or connections, I could really speed things up. I knew she had a similar story to mine and that my business fell into her sweet spot. I was excited about the potential and put my wish out to friends. I talked about it as if we were already working together. Ironically (or maybe because it was based in fun and I allowed it) I sat next to someone on a plane that happened to be best friends with a major designer and was willing to make an intro. My mentor turned out to be my business idol.  

Nicole CasanovaComment