I asked to create a week series of shows for them, and she agreed! 

What did you ask for?: It was 2013 and I was on the founding team for the first No Photoshop Fashion Magazine, Verily. We were launching our first print issue and I managed the PR and social media roll out for the launch. Verily had just been featured in New York Post as "what women want" (really.) I noticed that the VP of Lifestyle Programming at SiriusXM Radio had retweeted a story! So I tweeted her back and said, "Thank you for the interest! I would love to discuss the magazine with you. I have some ideas." One thing led to another and soon we were in a coffee shop sipping hot lattes. New York Fashion Week was approaching and they needed more programming for SiriusXM Starz Channel.

What did you receive? : I asked to create a week series of shows for them, and she agreed! 

The Verily team was able to produce our own week of radio shows during New York Fashion Week, invite our own guests, design the topics and interviews... all from a tweet to a stranger! She grew to be a good friend, agreed to speak on our Media Panel at the launch party in New York City in partnership with BaubleBar, and even recommended me to other PR companies later!

How did you feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up? : I felt nervous, but also giddy with excitement about the opportunity!!! I love created win win opportunities and helping brands tell their story, so it was a moment of celebration for me.

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