Ana Maria Braga not only immediatly agreed to participate, but much more!

What did you ask for? : Being a specialist in communication, I'm involved with a crucial cause: non-violence against women. Companies and brands usually refuse to sponsor this cause. We had the idea of using a celebrity to call attention to the cause. We wanted something very daring: the celebrity - a woman - should appear in public with a bruised, purple eye. Then, while taking off that make-up around the eye, the celebrity should explain why she'd embraced this such important cause. It was a difficult challenge, but I believed we would get there!!! Then I've written to Ana Maria Braga, the most adored female TV celebrity in Brazil, asking her to work with us for the cause.

What did you receive? : Ana Maria Braga not only immediatly agreed to participate, but much more: she embraced the cause for non-violence against women in Brazil in such a way, that she now is its official Embassador!!!
Please have a look at the website:

How did you feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?: I felt that I would have not only to believe, but I would also have to break the most difficult barrier: the feeling of discomfort just to be asking a favour to someone who is not close to me.
But then I thought that it wouldn't be me asking, but millions of women who suffer from domestic violence. 
I'm just their microphone. This thought gave me all the power, so I felt entirely confident that, for sure, we would get total support. And for sure we've got there!!!

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