An opportunity to rent a beautiful place and save for a home.

What did you ask for?: An opportunity to rent a beautiful apartment.

What did you receive?: An opportunity to rent my parent’s house so I am able to save up money to buy my own home. 

How did it feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?:  I always dreamt of owning a home and could see all the details. Where the kitchen was, the lighting, views... even what was on the dining room table. I just didn't know how I'd make it happen. My parents are always quick to help me when I am in need. My willingness to get creative, let go of any judgement about moving in with them, and receive is what allowed this opportunity to show up. I felt completely grateful for my family and their support with this whole thing. I am less stressed about money and am slowly saving what I need to buy a home!

Nicole CasanovaComment