I visited Paris - for free.

What did you ask for? : Something fun to do over summer break at a destination that's been on my wish list forever.

What did you receive?: My aunt has a friend who lives in Paris who was looking for someone to watch her place while she went on a business trip. I looked into cheap flights and found one that landed in Milan for half the price which was perfect for the amount of miles I had to apply to it. I just had to take a train. I was able to see Milan and Paris and have a free place to stay! 

How did it feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?: I knew I'd find something to do for summer and I'd always wanted to go to Paris! I started putting my desire out there whenever I'd talk to people. I allowed it to show up by asking my aunt who had lived there years ago to help me connect with her former colleagues and ... voilà!

Nicole CasanovaComment