I became a role model when I shared my story.

What did you ask for? : To let others know they aren't alone when it comes to being verbally and physically abused. 

What did you receive?: I became a role model when I shared my story. I spoke to a group of women who spread the word to end abuse, which led to helping three different women get out of similar situations. 

How did it feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?:  I felt like I was strong for getting out of that relationship and I knew I wanted to help someone else who was having a similar experience. I knew my power was something I cultivated or perhaps remembered and that even though speaking up could be scary or not received well, my voice was important. I knew that getting these women to share what they were going through would support them as well so that confidence in knowing how much this could help others, gave me more courage. I allowed it to show up by opening up to others and lending an ear to those who were going through the same thing.  I feel empowered and connected to so many amazing women.  

Nicole CasanovaComment