My honeymoon gave way to an unexpected experience.

What did you ask for? : To have a cheap honeymoon that is close to home. 

What did you receive?: I spent my honeymoon in Florida at a family home. It was right after the hurricane hit so we actually spent time helping recover the beautiful area which made us even more connected to the place and its people.

How did it feel? Did you believe it was already there? Did you allow it to show up?:  I was excited to be on our honeymoon, but didn't expect the experience we received.  I never thought I'd see the damage of a hurricane and wouldn't have thought I'd be open to that experience for my big honeymoon. Some of the neighbors were repairing their beautiful yards and I asked if they needed help. I spent time replanting plants and doing other such work as well as enjoying my honeymoon. I felt good about allowing myself to help through a tough time! Our willingness to show up and be there for others actually brought my new husband and I even closer.

Nicole CasanovaComment